Company History

Precision Steel History
Overnight success?  No, rather perseverance and long hours to make sure what was promised to our customers was delivered.  

The competition has slowly faded away and Precision Steel Services has grown to four facilities with over 100,000 square feet of plant operations that support the efforts of 265 employees, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet the demands of our 650 plus and growing customers.

Our fleet of 18 trucks delivers daily to our customers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Canada, with the majority of this work being turned and delivered in 24 hours.  This is a point of pride for us.  Having the capability to provide superior work and back out in 24 hours for our customers is what truly sets us apart from the other companies out there.  We also service customers at a National level with jobs that can be delivered by common carrier.

Since 1974, you learn a thing or two.  We know to be the best, we have and do provide our customers with superior products, attention to precision detail and unsurpassed customer service on every level.  It’s what has forged our reputation and what has helped to forge the reputation of our customers.